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Wind farm mortgages and finance.

Mortgage / Re-Mortgage A Wind Farm

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Mortgaging a wind farm for the first time, involves Windrush being able to prove your wind farm's Giga-watt-hour production of electricity . . . which is it's ability to produce income. Your Wind Farm's ability to be valued like this . . . what Windrush shines at . . . is our gateway together to proving your wind farm's capital valuation in the worldwide marketplace.

Mortgaging the wind farm asset itself in these circumstances . . . or your shares in it . . . becomes a very real possibility for us at Windrush . . . . to achieve. But for you, as a wind asset owner, there's an opportunity opening-up to you . . . to engage in wind farm portfolio building . . . and this is definitely something Windrush . . . . can help you with . . . that is, exponentially compounding your holdings in wind energy real estate !

Releasing Equity in Wind Farms with Mortgages

Actual releasing of equity in your wind farm asset by a mortgage is the preferred method of wind energy real estate portfolio builders.

Rather than having some kind of 'aggregate portfolio arrangement' with just one lender, actual equity releasing from case to case gives you more flexibility and control over how you drive your wind energy real estate aspirations forward.

It also lets you drive your aspirations with more speed . . . and, with greater acceleration !

Having Windrush . . . . on side to independently broker favorable terms for a mortgage for you . . . on a case-by-case basis . . . will give you the flexibility to drive your business goals forward . . . wherever they need to go next !

However, just as in mortgaging anything . . . there's lending criteria to be worked within !

Capital Value of a Windfarm

Wind Farm Mortgages Improve Wind Farm Investment Performance

Optimizing how you work within wind farm mortgage lending criteria is the key to your growth rate in wind farm real estate portfolio building . . . and at Windrush . . . . , we'll introduce you, case by case each time, to the mortgage deal that best powers your overall wind energy portfolio-building goal each time.

By mortgaging your wind farm or windfarm shares, you drastically reduce the amount of your own capital tied-up in the wind farm investment. For example, a mortgage at 60% loan-to-value would reduce your capital employed to 40% of what it was formerly. Another way of saying this is that your 'buying power' has gone up to 250% of what it was formerly !

At the same time, the net effect on the present value of your income stream could be a fall by as little as 19.3%, to 80.7% of the previous value. You would be servicing the mortgage payments from the income stream . . . and, you would be deploying your own equity in wind farm investing much more productively overall . . . in this example, 201.75% as efficiently !

Get Us To Arrange the Right Wind Farm Mortgage For You

Fill in our short online form. It will give us an idea of the size . . . and capital value of your wind energy asset . . . and set us off without any commitment from you at this stage, on a preliminary hunt for the ideal wind farm mortgage for you.

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