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Wind Farm Planning Permission, Joint Venture Partners in Wind Power Electricity Feed-in Revenue Generation

Wind farm development, planning permission application, loans and mortgages for wind power projects shares and wind farm management is what we do.

Making Wind Energy Revenue From Electricity

There's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you see the project you've caused being viewed from outer space.

Wind farming, harvesting the energy of nature's massive airflows and churning it into a bank balance is definitely an 'artform' appreciated everywhere in the world . . . yet it's a science too, because there's certainly a lot of science in the mix of it all . . . yet, in it's own unique way, harvesting the power of the very ether of the World itself has a 'magic' about it all it's own . . . but even yet, perhaps more than anything else, there's a 'satisfaction' to be had in the harvesting of the wonderful opportunity of it all ! So, when you and Windrush blend ideas together to make electricity through wind farming, we become the harvesters of this opportunity in a unique way - the transforming of wind power into an income stream . . . and then the transforming of income stream into capital valuation.

Add Capital Value to your Land by creating wind energy real estate

At Windrush . . . . we believe that there is a time-limited opportunity to establish a presence in wind power real estate. Experts in the wind energy industry have worked it out that in most every country there is an upper limit to the amount of electricity generation that can come from wind power in order to ensure stability of supply to the consumer. They call it the wind power penetration limit - and they reckon it's 40% !

The implication of this is that when a country's supply of electricity coming from wind power . . . approaches this 40% figure . . . then further planning approvals for wind farms will cease !

So, time is kind of 'of the essence' in getting your wind farm opportunity established !

However, while harvesting your opportunity 'in-time' is essential . . . it's also important that you're able to gather-in from it . . . a really good YIELD !

And that's what Windrush . . . . is all about . . . it's the combination of these two things - the in time aspect of your wind farm project and the yield aspect of it . . . that make Windrush . . . . the ideal business partner for you.

Get Planning Approval For A Wind Farm In A Joint Venture With Windrush . . . . And A Turbine Manufacturer And Harvest Feed-In Revenue

Planning Approvals for wind farms feeding the national electricity grid typically have to be argued for so strongly that they come with a string of conditions attached. Usually, they're environmental conditions . . . and even conditions about the eventual de-commissioning of the wind farm again. Often too, permission is limited to a 25-year or 30-year use . . . but sometimes, depending on the location and economic importance of the project . . . approval can be obtained unlimited with respect to time !

This raises a new possibility . . . that how you decide now to go about the harvesting of your opportunity could have very happy consequences down the road . . . economic benefits that could span well into your descendants' lifetimes !

Of course, if you ever want to sell your wind farm asset - with or without the land attached . . . or, if ever you want to merely raise capital from the wind farm resource itself by releasing the equity locked inside it - then a wind farm mortgage - brokered by us, again with or without the land attached . . . well, we'll be the 'can do' solution to empower you to do that too !

So whatever your wind farm requirements worldwide, make contact with us. Just lift the phone and talk . . . or fill-in our short wind farm form telling us about how we can assist with your wind farm opportunity.

Wind farm development, loans and mortgages for wind farms, management services

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